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Terms of Service


  1. Pay 50% of the billed amount to confirm your order.
  2. Fill out the preference form provided in the order confirmation email.
  3. We will send you concepts one by one if more than one concepts included in your package.
  4. Wait for every concepts to be delivered.
  5. Choose any one which you liked the most among all the concepts designed.
  6. Ask for the changes in any one concept (which you liked the most)
  7. After all the revisions/changes requested by you and made by us, files will be delivered.
  8. Only one among all the concepts will be delivered as a final design.

Terms of service:

  1. Each concept of the logo will be sent one by one.
  2. Only one logo/design will be finalized among all of the concepts designed as per the package.
  3. After delivering all of the concepts (as per the package is chosen) you can ask for revisions/changes only in any one of the concepts (which you like the most among all concepts)
  4. We will start working on your project only after receiving 50 % of the payment as advance.
  5. Once payment sent cannot be refunded.
  6. You will get the refund only if we are not able to deliver any of the concepts.
  7. $35 per concept will be the price for additional logo concept.
  8. Delivery files will be in the following formats: AI, CDR, JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG.

* Multiple logo concepts means you have multiple logo designs to choose from as per the package. But only one design will be finalized